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HD and SD monitoring substituted into the mainstream are still problems to be solved
Time:2013-04-25 Click:2807

In the current video surveillance market, high-definition video surveillance has become a mainstream trend, although high-definition video surveillance is already hot, but several major problems facing HD video surveillance need to be addressed.

Transmission and storage, systems integrators can be solved by the high cost of inputs; display and management of HD manufacturers need to spend some effort to improve the underlying hardware and software; effect in terms of improving night vision, but also a relatively small investment , but also the most likely to be able to make to improve user satisfaction solution.

Compared with standard-definition video surveillance, the advantages of high-definition network monitoring is very obvious, but by marketing more than two years, will inevitably encounter the following types of questions:

1, the transmission aspect

HD network cameras usually choose 720P or 1080P solution, if you want to achieve the desired image effect, we need 2 ~ 8M network bandwidth, and if a few hundred of them have a point system, and that the data flow across the network will be quite large , and the video stream in real time data streams, will continue to result in continued pressure on network-related switching equipment, which requires plenty of homework to do in network planning.


As the costs continue to reduce the cable, plus a high-performance fiber-optic local area network switch completely to form the high-speed network can be used, Gigabit to the desktop is a very easy thing. With the popularity of broadband networks, especially this year, has just launched the "triple play", the rate of households have reached the tens of megabytes to hundreds of megabytes, Copper light eventually brought us cheap high-speed Internet. For remote transmission of high-definition video images do not need to have a long time.

2, storage

On an issue referred to the huge problem of data stream, or if the data is aggregated into center of each storage node, the bandwidth of the center of the inlet pressure and the storage capacity is a big challenge.


Currently only done in the IPSAN and storage media heavily invested, IPSAN best embedded architecture, much less plug boards, high stability, but the drawback is poor compatibility moment, the secondary development of less flexible.NVR products on the market are mostly based on X86 architecture, which is the server plus an array of cards, installed applications, servers and disk arrays combo, compatibility is better. If IPSAN way, you need to use a storage medium enterprise-class hard drive, so as to play a IPSAN advantage in speed of data storage and security. For some small systems do not require too long if you save time, while data security requirements are not too high, the market can use the server to complete the mainstream storage functions.

3, showing respect

Many of the HD manufacturers just focus on the front of the camera pixels, without a corresponding development of high-definition video decoder, only around a PC screen to watch high-definition images, high-definition images can not be independent of the big screen on the display.


For high-definition screen TV wall, we have developed a high-definition decoder, the front transmission over HD graphics effectively restore the connection to the big screen, high-definition input interface, high-definition picture perfect to show on the screen above.

4, management

Many manufacturers still do the traditional definition analog camera thinking HD cameras, bought ready-made hardware solutions, using standard algorithms provided by third parties MPEG4, and only provides a network interface, conduct some simple digitization, as the platform behind how the camera hardware and data flow management, as he did those underlying core algorithm and technology, simply can not be achieved.


Possible choice of hardware with a rich interface front-end equipment, such as alarms, SD card, intercom, audio, 485, etc., you can do the project in accordance with the Party's program requirements, flexible portfolio, no longer a separate additional customization features. Software to have a variety of access methods, such as WEB, client, a large platform that provides SDK development kit that can be flexibly and third-party software for docking. To function modules as complete as possible, such as alarms, streaming media, storage services, etc., can be used directly in the project.

5 night respect

In the case of day-lit, high-definition is very easy, once used in low light or nighttime surveillance when needed, HD became powerless it. Since most HD cameras using CMOS sensors have lower sensitivity to light, if not with infrared light, in the night is dark, and we want to monitor most of the time period is precisely guard at night, so high expectations of high-definition video systems will become a decoration.


We have accumulated a wealth of experience in night vision surveillance, provide different solutions depending on the site conditions. Such as infrared light program, IRCUT technology, illumination chips.

      In our frenzy behind on HD products, should be more calm to analyze the five above-mentioned practical issues involved, each one how to solve the problem, it is rarely considered by many manufacturers, their focus tends to be confined to a particular product itself, as long as pixels high, is a high-definition, high-end system solution.