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Promote the development of 4G HD video surveillance into the biggest selling point for mobile devices
Time:2014-04-30 Click:3272

The presence of the development of mobile monitoring its inevitability, with the continuous development of technology, network video surveillance breaking the geographical constraints, a remote control, the user is also a higher demand, with the development of mobile phones and Pad, people use mobile phones every day The frequency and longer and longer, monitor no longer satisfied in the control room, up to achieve increasingly apparent in the PC, mobile phone monitoring as a client needs, "AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice", common network video surveillance has not to meet the growing needs of diverse users. In this case, the mobile phone monitoring gradually into public users, into people's family life.

4G wireless monitoring to promote the further development of HD

Limitations of 3G network applications can be imagined, and for corporate China Mobile 4G network also has a new layout of the new look. The industry believes that, 3G network has its own limitations in achieving high-definition monitor, but the 4G network is very good solution to the above problems. It is currently a pilot run, the speed of 4G network is 10 times the 3G network, the download speeds of up to 100M, upload speed is 20M, while the bandwidth HD 720P general monitoring of basic needs in every way between 2M-4M, which nice to meet good demand high-definition monitor.

Use cost flows are a lot of people concerned about the topic, because each operator to develop the package is not the same, resulting in high operational service fees, but also makes wireless HD monitor promotion difficult. It is understood, 4G network using the method introduced gradually, on the basis of the original 3G technology upgrades, the cost will naturally be reduced a lot. Official said that the future cost of 4G networks will cost less than the current 3G packages.

China Mobile's 4G network is stable regardless of the layout, costs, or will bring new breakthroughs. Insiders said that the impact of wireless HD 4G network monitoring is obvious. If 4G network can be a good solution in terms of stability, traffic costs and other issues that impact on the high-definition monitor will be revolutionary. With the development of network HD 4G phone surveillance applications have been greatly developed.

Highlighting the advantages of mobile video surveillance

In the mobile phone market, Samsung is represented by iPhone and Android IOS system which was represented by two "opposing" point, the two systems will be moved to the digital home systems will naturally conflict, in order to allow the user more targeted and personalized choices, many companies abandoned the IOS system, which select Android open-source system, the price is more close to the people. With the growing global smart mobile device market, the security industry also took the opportunity to play, the climax for the consumer home security or smart home market, with the biggest selling point for mobile devices, increasing their market competitiveness, smartphones heat promote smart home heat.

No matter when and where the user, as long as the phone has a signal can be real-time monitoring and control of PTZ cameras on the front . Phone monitoring support 3g, wifi, and other various formats, support iphone4, ipad, android, windowsmobile other mobile operating systems. Commercial 3g wireless network range more widely, the wireless network bandwidth accordingly been greatly improved, mobile video surveillance application environments become increasingly mature. Mobile video surveillance can be in any space, any time, remote monitoring of real-time viewing content.

Cover a wide range: high mobile wireless network coverage, almost without complex terrain and regional restrictions mountains, rivers, bridges, roads and so on. Low cost: eliminating the high costs caused by long-distance network cabling. Monitoring convenient: the use of mobile phones can be anywhere wireless video surveillance, is not limited to pre-install a good computer monitor client. Business and diverse: phone monitoring not only can cover all fixed monitoring service, you can also carry a variety of mobile services, such as mobile law enforcement surveillance, mobile interviews.

Cloud applications into a new model of mobile phone security

Mobile cloud monitoring currently being explored in the development of his presence brings a new model of alarm monitoring, and believe in the future development, will become increasingly important. Here we take a taste of what style mobile cloud monitoring.

Cloud platform architecture: the main layer of cloud-based services, media exchange layer, cloud service management and cloud applications overlays, you can open API and SDK interfaces provide secondary development interface for third-party applications and a variety of industry applications overlay processing capabilities. Mobile Cloud Monitoring Suitable for: video surveillance vendors / contractors, intelligent home maker / engineering, security alarm manufacturers / contractors, security service companies / operators, etc..

Open access layer API, greatly simplify the development of transport networks in the hardware side, saving hardware development investment, reducing the risk of hardware development, while improving the efficiency and stability of the network transport layer. Access to hardware manufacturers simply do client development, without further investment in the development platform and client software, faster time to market cycles, reduce overall risk of new product development; open business application layer API / SDK, secondary developers, system integrators and users can easily customize their business management interface; supports two-way firewall P2P penetrate, so that users can do plug and play; without the need for each IPCAM / DVR equipment to apply DDNS domain name, the device automatically reported to the platform; support stream Dynamic Adaptive and encrypted transmission (patent: 200910098319.1), the signaling flow, data flow in real time encryption, compression and transmission, higher data security, ideal for use on the Internet and mobile Internet environment; support alarm upload photos and videos, in Photos and video clips stored on the platform is still an alarm occurs for users to worry about lifting.

Cloud computing architecture to support cloud access, cloud distribution, cloud storage, cloud backup; support massive equipment access, support for mobile devices roaming access, support for massive user access; while supporting PC terminals and mobile terminals (windows, Android or IOS's 2.5G/3G smart phones, tablet computers); time zones, multi-language support, can be used in different countries; platform public version, industry, Enterprise Edition, version, and other integrated applications, suitable for the needs of different types of customers.